Reclaiming Lives

Rediscovering Myself While Educating Kolkata's Poor

Volunteering at Mother Teresa's orphanage was just the beginning of Rosalie Giffoniello's journey through the slums of Kolkata. Rosalie, a dedicated humanitarian, writes about the lives she's touched, the attitudes she's changed, and her own powerful transformation. Her stories are not only inspiring, they also offer a peek into the nitty-gritty reality of India's poor. "Reclaiming Lives" is witty, personal, and filled with adventure and hope. All proceeds from "Reclaiming Lives" go to ETC's educational and food programs.


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An Inspirational Account of Personal Transformation in the Slums of India
"Reclaiming Lives" is an inspirational book illustrating the dramatic impact that one person can have on others, particularly those who may be less fortunate. Rosalie Giffoniello's journey, written about with affection and humor, is one that touches the heart. After experiencing her own struggles and disappointments, including a divorce, Rosalie focused her energy on aiding impoverished and disabled children in the slums of Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Her many years of service there as a volunteer and co-founder of Empower the Children provide the framework for her remarkable story. By developing a variety of educational programs for the children and opening her heart in service to them, she changed the direction of their lives--and her own. "Reclaiming Lives" is a story of compassion, transformation and joy. - Karen Patrick Mackolin

The Power of One is Truly Amazing
Reclaiming Lives is a wonderful collection of stories that make up the real life, on-going journey of an American woman adjusting to the ultra-different culture of India. With much self-reflection, she offers a fascinating look into Indian culture. This book is filled with wit and a fierce love and commitment to the destitute and disabled children of Kolkata. The power of one is truly amazing. Be inspired by and laugh with Rosalie Giffoniello - beautifully edited by Robert Weir. - Carole Morton

A must read!
This was an inspiring account of the author's life and love of children. Witty, personal, touching, and filled with adventure and hope, I highly recommend this book for anyone who has dreamed of helping others have a better life, filled with love. - Amber Hudson

From Brooklyn to Kolkata: Helping the Helpless
"Reclaiming Lives" by Brooklyn born educator,Rosalie Giffoniello, is a story of courage and selflessness. Its pages are filled with the frank and often humorous thoughts of the author as she attempts to overcome the "red tape" that is frequently involved in accomplishing a humanitarian goal. Specifically, her mission is to bring literacy to the needy children of Kolkata.. Rosalie's tale is one of introspection and determination. She reveals how she turned her personal heartbreak into an action plan that has benefitted hundreds of poor youngsters who live in the slums of the city. This book is a must read for anyone who feels frustrated with his/her life, but is convinced that lemonade can be made from lemons. It is a story of one woman's path and how she is guided by the help and support of friends and caring people from all over the world. Empower the Children is her organization and her life. - Lois Kiely

A Must Read!!!
These are one of those books each and every person should read. A true journey through the experience of Rosalie as she overcomes the fears and frustrations of living a life of legacy. I could not put down the book. It was amazing to read about the starting days in Kolkata and to see what it took to establish an organization that is reclaiming lives. For anyone inspired by Rosalie I urge you to go volunteer with Rosalie, and meet the children without Rosalie would have no options in life, no skills, and constant hunger.

We all can make a difference, even by buying her book, and reading her journey. Share it with your family, friends and experience the power we all have to change lives if only we tapped beyond the fears. -cc